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  • Churches in Barkhamsted


    Town Diary - December 2003

    Churches in Barkhamsted

    Let's take a quick tour of the Churches in Barkhamsted, what they are up to in December 2003, their pastors, and maybe just a wee bit of history.

    Praise Christian Fellowship
    Barkhamsted's newest church, Praise Christian Fellowship was built in 1998 and is located on Route 44 about a half mile south of the Log House Restaurant.  The congregation, of the Lutheran faith, was started in 1986 and held services in the West Hartland Library for several years.    

    Praise Christian Fellowship on Route 44 in Barkhamsted.

    Pastor Warren Geraghty and his wife Cindy.

     In 1988, Pastor Warren Geraghty was brought in from Montana (Pastor Garaghty is originally from Rhode Island) and is currently serving the Church.  In December 2003 the Church has 60 members with an average of 160 people attending services each Sunday.  Members are accepted after attending Church services for 12 months, attending pastor class on Sunday for eight to ten weeks covering the values of the Church and also meeting personally with Pastor Geraghty to cover additional topics on spirituality.  Pastor Geraghty feels strongly that members should be challenged and encouraged to grow spiritually.  In March the Church is launching a focused and structured plan to do just that, offering a five year program starting with the basics and progressing through to learning principles to apply for the rest of your life.  The new Church building is a wonderful facility and includes a spacious sanctuary with modern visual aids, fellowship hall, children's room and a large indoor basketball court!  The Church offers a number of programs for children, teens and adults.  One project currently being looked at is the establishment of a radio station offering Christian music targeted toward younger people. 

    Pleasant Valley Methodist Church
    The Pleasant Valley Methodist Church congregation formed in 1838 and met in area homes until the Church was built in 1848.  An addition was built in 1899 and a major addition in 1992.  The current pastor is Timothy Hare who has served since June 2000.  In December 2003 the Church has 278 members and averaged 140 in attendance at the single Sunday 10:00 a.m. service. 

    The Pleasant Valley Methodist Church
    Route 181 in Pleasant Valley.

    Timothy Hare,
    pastor at Pleasant Valley Methodist Church.

    Currently the Church is involved in a capital campaign to raise about $70,000 for steeple repairs, exterior and interior painting, a new organ and repairs to the parsonage (located on Raymond Drive in Barkhamsted).  Volunteer workers are now finishing up renovations to a portion of the Church (what was once the old store building) to convert one big room into three rooms including an office/meeting space, kitchen and bathroom. 

    Member volunteers also operate an extensive food bank in the Church basement using food donations from the congregation.  The food bank is open on Mondays and Thursdays to people from Barkhamsted and New Hartford. 

    First Congregational Church of Barkhamsted
    The current Church at Barkhamsted Center was built in 1845 to replace the old meeting house that was located on what is now Metropolitan District Commission reservoir land.  The Church completed a community room basement addition in 1976 and a major interior restoration was started in 1990.  The Church currently has 62 members and average attendance in December was 29.  One 10:00 a.m. service is held each Sunday.  Robert Decker of Rocky Hill has served as the interim pastor since January 2002 while a search for a permanent pastor is being conducted.

    Robert Decker,
    pastor of the 1st Congregational Church.

    First Congregational Church of Barkhamsted-
    Barkhamsted Center.

    The congregation supports a variety of charities including support of a child in a third world country through Church World Vision and an annual blanket drive.  Food is also collected and given to a Winsted food bank.


    Riverton Congregational Church
    The Riverton Congregational Church was built in 1843.  Denise Clapsaddle has served since December 2002 as the acting pastor for the Church, and she is expected to be confirmed as the permanent pastor.  Currently the membership totals 85 with average of 26 attending the single 10:00 Sunday service.

    Riverton Congregational Church, Riverton, CT.

    Denise Clapsaddle,
    pastor at Riverton Congregational Church.

    The congregation is now involved with a fundraising effort to cover the cost of needed  building repairs to the roof and exterior trim.  Church leaders are also looking at ways to play an increasing role in the Riverton community.   The Church has been involved with a variety of Christmas events including hosting the Christmas Carol put on by the Riverton Theater group, a children's Christmas Pageant and Christmas caroling in Riverton.


    Washington Hill Methodist Church
    The Washington Hill Methodist Church on Route 219 still has services periodically during the year.  A nasty little rain and ice storm cancelled the scheduled Christmas service for December 21, 2003.  A service was held here in November on the eve of Thanksgiving.  The church is associated with the North Canton Community United Methodist Church, whose pastor conducts the services here at Washington Hill.  The church was built in 1834 with bricks from the nearby brickyard of Truman Case. 

    Washington Hill Methodist Church.

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