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  • 12) Meet with carpenter/contractor

    12)  Meet with carpenter/contractor - August 30, 2000
    Inspect and discuss critical maintenance work needed to prevent further water damage on building exterior with Ed Kostak of New Hartford. 

    Squires Tavern - spots needing repair.

    The photos below (taken in November 2000) show exterior problem spots BEFORE repair work has been done.  These areas have been identified as critical repair priorities needed to stop further water damage and rot, and as one of the steps needed to prepare the building for painting.

    Rotted trim on the front (west side) of the building.

    Covered hole in the clapboard siding on the south wall of the building, covered temporarily with a piece of aluminum.

    The bottom half of this east wall is rotten, including the clapboards, most of the studs and much of the sill.

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  • 11) Meet with Barkhamsted First Selectman

     11)  Meet with Barkhamsted First Selectman - August 30, 2000
      Discuss status of lease negotiations with State, BHS plans for the building, role of Town as lessee (it is anticipated that the State will be leasing the building to the Town of Barkhamsted). 

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  • 10) Weeds and brush cut

     10) Weeds and brush cut - August 27, 2000
    Volunteer Walt Landgraf  cuts weeds and brush from around the foundation exterior of the building (1 hour).

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  • 9) Project committee meeting - August 26, 2000

      9)  Project committee meeting - August 26, 2000
      Strategic plan draft discussed, letter to potential historic building experts drafted, provide press release. 

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  • 8) Project committee meeting

    8)  Project committee meeting - August 17, 2000
    Local contractor inspects roof shingles from the ground, recommends replacement within 2-3 years.

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