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  • 24) Removed junk from house

    24)   Removed junk from house - December 11, 2000
               Walt Landgraf and Project Green workers cleaned out more items from the house including the old kitchen range and the old unused furnace that was in the basement.

  • 23) Building inspection by expert

    23)   Building inspection by expert - December 8, 2000
            Historic building expert John Curtis inspects the building with members of the Historical Society Tavern committee.  Mr. Curtis, formerly an employee of Sturbridge Village, is an authority on historic buildings and restoration projects.  He will report on: 1) historical features of the building (for example what was original, what was added later) 2) work needed to halt further damage 3) advice on the proper materials and procedures to use on an important building such as the Squires Tavern.

  • 22) FIRST GRANT!

    22)   FIRST GRANT!  - December 6, 2000
            The Torrington Area Foundation for Public Giving awards the Historical Society a $2,900 grant for the purpose of hiring a historic building expert and to get help with applying for National Register for Historic Places designation.  The expert will inspect the building and complete a written report on historical aspects, general guidance on a plan of restoration and advice on how to stabilize the building from further damage.  

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  • 21) Cleanup of debris, also permits completed

    21)   Cleanup of debris, also permits completed - December 5, 2000
            Walt Landgraf and a group from Project Green of the Connecticut Corrections Department remove some junk (abandoned furniture and debris) left by former occupants in several of the rooms inside the Squires Tavern.  Repairs to the water damaged wall and section of trim continue.  The Historical Society receives the building permit from the Town.  We also receive a special work permit from the DEP allowing us to continue with the critical repair work in advance of the actual lease signing which we hope will occur in a month or so. 

  • 20) FIRST WORK DAY! - Water damage repairs begin

    20)   FIRST WORK DAY! - Water damage repairs begin - December 4, 2000
            Contractor Ed Kostak and his son start work on exterior areas of the Squires Tavern that are being damaged by water.  The first priority is a section of the east wall which has extensive rot to the clapboards, sheathing, studs and some rot in the sill.  Clapboards, sheathing and studs are removed.  Walt Landgraf and also a Project Green work crew of about ten (from a minimum security prison in Connecticut) assist in disposing the damaged wood.  Click on photos below to see the this work in progress.


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