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  • 39) Research effort continues

    39)  Research effort continues - January 31, 2001
                Research team continues working.  Walt Landgraf locates a major find at the State Historical Society in Hartford: an account book of Bela Squires covering 1849 to 1851.  This along with other information uncovered is slowly but surely providing a glimpse into the lives of the people who lived in this building.

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  • 38) Squires Tavern committee meeting

    38)  Squires Tavern committee meeting - January 27, 2001
                Lease document for Squires Tavern modified by Historical Society and Town of Barkhamsted and returned to State DEP for their review.  Fred Warner and Walt Landgraf report on the excellent research progress which will be used for application to National Register of Historic Places.  Additional volunteers and interested people are stepping forward; a volunteer list is started.  Walt outlines work priorities for spring.  Plans are made for preliminary work to secure additional grant money.  

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  • 37) Work starts on producing a set of building plans

    37)   Work starts on producing a set of building plans - January 14, 2001
                Architectural designer Amy Connolly volunteers to begin work on a set of plans of the building.  Walt Landgraf and Charlie Lynes assist her in recording many of the necessary building dimensions needed to work up the plans, which will be a very important piece of the project.

  • 36) Historic research yields much information

    36)   Historic research yields much information - January 12, 2001
                The research team lead by Walt Landgraf and Fred Warner continues to "mine" genealogical information and historical background relating to the property, from the time it was a farm operated by John Ullmann and his family all the way back to the mid-1700's before there was even a building.  Related research on family links and original town proprietors is followed up using old records in the Barkhamsted town hall and Windsor town hall.  Tidbits of information on the mysterious neighbor Humphrey Quimone are uncovered.  Reference is found from 1824 meeting minutes of Bela Squires being authorized as a tavern keeper in Barkhamsted.

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  • 35) Water damage repairs finished

    35)   Water damage repairs finished - January 12, 2001
                Ed Kostak and son finish repairing water damaged areas of the building.  While replacing a portion of exterior molding on the front of the building, more water damage on a major structural timber came to light.  This was also repaired.  While there are still several situations that need to be addressed to reduce further damage to the building , the highest priority jobs have now been completed.  Thanks to the Kostaks for their expert assistance.  They were worth every penny!  Also thanks to Century Woodworking for custom molding work.  Rumor has it that their charge was significantly below cost.  Click on the thumbnails below which show  before and after photos of the exterior molding repair work (Nov 2000 for before photo, Jan 2001 for after photo. 

    Nov 2000 for before photo

    Jan 2001 for after photo


  • 34) Further information on bat issue

    34)   Further information on bat issue - January 5, 2001
                Walt Landgraf meets with DEP wildlife biologist Jenny Dickson who is an expert on bats.  She provides information on bats, especially on the proper methods for cleanup within the building, and agrees to be an informational resource in the future. 

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  • 33) Historic building expert completes building report

    33)   Historic building expert completes building report - January 3, 2001
                The Historical Society receives the building report from consultant John Curtis.  The 18 page report is a preliminary assessment and covers major components (e.g. roof, foundation) and a room by room description.  It gives recommendations on how to deal with some of the restoration issues.  Based on construction details and materials the report estimates that the building dates from about 1800 and has apparently undergone two periods of major change (mid-19th century and mid-20th century).  Included with the report is an extensive appendix of specialized contractors and historic building material sources.  As per our agreement with John, the Historical Society will add photo documentation to the report.

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