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  • 50) Genealogical milestone on the Ullmann family

    50)  Genealogical milestone on the Ullmann family - May 7, 2001
    Linne Landgraf compiles the Ullmann genealogical data that has been gathered over many months and from many sources, including lots of help from the Ullmann family.  This information will be an important component in the application to the National Register of Historic Places.

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  • 49) Work party

    49)  Work party - May 6, 2001
    Six energetic volunteers work on cleaning up the building.  Left over building materials are stored away for future use, junk and various other items belonging to the State DEP are removed and every room in the building is vacuumed.  Two photos from the work day are shown below.


  • 48) Test pits at proposed garden location

    48)  Test pits at proposed garden location - May 2, 2001
                    Walt Landgraf and Fred Warner dig nine test pits in the proposed garden area adjacent to the building.  The goal is to verify that the garden plot is not on an important area such as the former site of an out-building or dump site containing artifacts.  Nothing was found except a modern nail and a piece of glass form the recent past.  All indications are that the garden site will not impede future archeological investigations.     

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