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  • 82) Meeting with First Selectman

    82)  Meeting with First Selectman - August 30, 2001
                     Walt meets with First Selectman Mike Fox to learn more about how to properly comply with State requirements relating to the grant.

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  • 81) Legal notice for bids

    81)  Legal notice for bids - August 29, 2001
                     Leslie and Walt research and draft a sample legal notice that will be used to solicit bids from contractors.  The notice meets the State requirements associated with the grant from the Office for Planning & Management.  The notice will be run in area newspapers.

  • 80) Research and bid spec development continue

    80)  Research and bid spec development continue - August 27, 2001
                     Walt and Dave (with input from others on the Squires Tavern committee) continue the effort to research how best to accomplish the major repair projects targeted for the next 12 months.  Today- Harriet, Walt and Dave visit historic buildings that have had new shingles or shakes put on.  Lots of good information received and recorded.

  • 79) Squires Tavern committee meeting

    79)  Squires Tavern committee meeting - August 25, 2001
                     Major issues: complying with requirements relating to the $100,000 State grant and developing priorities on how to use that money.  Discussed the work done on specs for the major repair work anticipated to be done during the next 12 months.  Approved a process to handle repair work from bids to payment that will address State requirements and audit controls.

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  • 78) Fireplace inspection

    78)  Fireplace inspection - August 22, 2001
                     Walt Landgraf and Dave Ravasio continue to compile information for bid specs.  An expert offered advice on chimney repairs needed and two fireplaces were uncovered and inspected in and effort to determine if and how to make them (and the other fireplaces) operational.  There are five fireplaces in the Squires Tavern.

  • 77) Major effort to develop specs

    77)  Major effort to develop specs - August 17, 2001
                     Walt Landgraf and Dave Ravasio begin to compile information on how to proceed with major repairs to the Squires Tavern in view of the $100,000 grant award.  This effort is involved and on almost a daily basis and centers on four areas: 1) roofing replacement; 2) major work to the chimneys; 3) exterior painting; and 4) basement issues.  The goal is to develop bid specs for these areas.

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  • 76) Porch repair work completed!

    76)  Porch repair work completed! - August 16, 2001
                     Volunteer Dave Ravasio completes the porch repairs, including the replacement of the entire floor, which was in bad shape before he started work.  This effort also included repairs to trim boards, posts and a couple of new coats of paint.  Looks great!

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