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  • 106) Squires Tavern work party

    106)  Squires Tavern work party - October 19, 2001
                     The dig continues.  More material is removed and screened for artifacts.  See photos below.

    Photos of the archaeological dig- material is dug near the foundation and screened.

    Photo above shows just a few of the hundreds of items found (pencil shown for scale).  The brown item at upper right is an old pipe bowl. 


  • 105) Squires Tavern work party

    105)  Squires Tavern work party - October 17, 2001
                     The "big dig" starts!  Before the ground near the foundation at the back of the Tavern is disturbed for foundation repairs, Fred Warner conducts an archaeological dig with the help of volunteers.  The goal is to recover any artifacts that could provide evidence for how the occupants lived.  Fred maps out several five foot squares and digging begins.  The soil is screened and any artifact found is cataloged.  Numerous pieces of pottery, glass and metal are recovered including old pipe stems and pipe bowls.  Besides the dig, more work is done inside the Tavern to expose fireplaces.

  • 104) Shingles for the roof arrive

    104)  Shingles for the roof arrive - October 12, 2001
                     Mike Cote will start putting red cedar shingles on the roof of the Tavern soon.   Today he has stored many bundles of shingles in the back ell room.  The fragrance is wonderful.

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  • 103) Input from Simsbury Historical Society

    103)  Input from Simsbury Historical Society - October 11, 2001
                     Leslie gets input from the Simsbury Historical Society on issues they dealt with early on in the work on the Phelps Tavern, including how important it is to have expert guidance in the proper restoration procedures.

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  • 102) Squires Tavern work party

    102)  Squires Tavern work party - October 10, 2001
                     Eight volunteers showed up ready to work!  Removed portion of kitchen floor to expose fireplace hearth.  Exposed more of the ell fireplace wall (in the bedroom closet).  Walt surveyed additional work for contractor Ed Kostak including sill repair, the installation of water table boards, clapboard repairs, exterior trim repairs, rear window and door work and hatchway replacement.  Eugene Allen investigated drainage options. More cleanup work done in the basement.

  • 101) Squires Tavern committee meeting

    101)  Squires Tavern committee meeting - October 6, 2001
                     Major issues: Discussed applying for additional grants.  Reviewed all the contractor work now in the pipeline and some additional requirements such as drainage concerns in the back of the building.  Discussed the possibility of installing a bake oven in the building.  Explored the possibility of retaining an architectural engineer to help recommend how to accomplish our goals and to provide cost estimates for grants.

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  • 100) Sill inspection work

    100)  Sill inspection work - October 3, 2001
                     Contractor Ed Kostak starts sill inspection work by removing the bottom three rows of clapboards to expose the sills.

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