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  • 120) Squires Tavern committee meeting

    120)  Squires Tavern committee meeting - November 15, 2001
                     Major areas of discussion: 1) brainstorm session on how the future of the Squires Tavern project and how the Historical Society can use the building. This discussion will help create the foundation for a revised strategic plan for the project.  2) Fundraising issues were discussed.  3) Discussed priorities for John Curtis (a historic building expert) to address on his visit later in the month.   

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  • 119) Preliminary work on more grant funding

    119)  Preliminary work on more grant funding - November 15, 2001
                     Leslie Cosgrove has been working with First Selectman Mike Fox on applying for major grant money from the Small Town Economic Assistance Program (STEAP).  A draft of the letter initiating this application is completed.

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  • 118) Squires Tavern work party

    118)  Squires Tavern work party - November 14, 2001
                     Volunteer workers remove nails from the ceiling of the back room and the front kitchen.  Also, much of the remaining wall around the front kitchen fireplace is removed.

  • 117) Historical Society receives $2,000 grant

    117)  Historical Society receives $2,000 grant - November 13, 2001
                     Fund raising efforts by Harriet Winchenbaugh, Ted Bachman and Walt Landgraf pay off as the Farmington River Coordinating Committee approves a $2,000 grant for the Squires Tavern project to fund continued consulting work relating to the project.  

  • 116) Squires Tavern contractor work

    116)  Squires Tavern contractor work - November 13, 2001
                     Mike Cote has finished the roof shingles on the front of the ell and has started on the back portion of the ell.  Walt researches epoxy options (and there are many!) to find the correct one to use for preserving the sills of the tavern.  

  • 115) Squires Tavern work party

    115)  Squires Tavern work party - November 7, 2001
                     Volunteer workers removed modern ceiling in two downstairs rooms: the back room (present day kitchen) and the "front kitchen".   Earlier in the week: Walt and Dave worked with Eugene Allen to hook up two sets of drainage pipes to the dry well.  One set is the footing drain for the new wall.  The other is for the downspouts.  By Tuesday, all the trenches and excavation work in back was backfilled.  Bill Parsons and a helper continue to work on chimney flashing so that roof shingles can be installed.  Mike Cote has started to shingle the ell of the tavern.

  • 114) Squires Tavern contractor work

    114)  Squires Tavern contractor work - Week ending November 3, 2001
                     Fantastic progress on many fronts during the week.  Mike Cote has started to shingle the roof: he has removed the old shingles from the roof of the wood shed and has put on new red cedar shingles on about 40% of the wood shed.  SCASCO has started the oil furnace in the tavern and has made several repairs to put the system in good working order.  Eugene Allen, with his backhoe, excavated the area next to the foundation wall on the east side.  This wall needs to be strengthened, waterproofed and drainage problems corrected.  By the end of the week, contractor Bill Ritchie installed forms, put in footings and poured the foundation support wall.  Volunteer Dave Ravasio completes the waterproofing of the new wall.  Expert mason Bill Parsons has cleaned brick and made progress in rebuilding the main chimney and has started flashing the chimney in the ell.

    Cement truck pours the footing for the foundation support wall.

    The wood shed gets new shingles.

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