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  • 151) Squires Tavern work party

    151)  Squires Tavern work party - January 30, 2002
                     Volunteers take down and remove plaster in a wall of a closet of the front kitchen.  Also planning work for the proposed bathroom is done, along with the removal of a door and door trim in the pantry area that will become the new bathroom.

  • 150) Squires Tavern committee meeting

    150)  Squires Tavern committee meeting - January 26, 2002
                     Major issues discussed: doing historic paint analysis at different areas in the Squires Tavern, work on the survey results for the Master Development Plan, issues relating to financial grants, priority work to be done on the building and recommendations coming out of visit by historic building expert John Curtis.  Noreen Watson replaces Paul Hart as leader of the Squires Tavern Friends group. 

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  • 149) Squires Tavern work party

    149)  Squires Tavern work party - January 23, 2002
                     Volunteers photograph and record details of a bedroom partition and closet wall and then begin the process of removing them.  This opens up the original ballroom, a very important room of the Tavern.  It was hoped that the removal of the partition would yield more evidence of early wall stencil, but no such evidence is found.  Ted Bachman records details (dimensions, room trim etc.) not only of the removed walls but of the entire ball room.

    Starting to remove partition dividing the ballroom.

    Walt and Ted remove the last stud of the closet wall.


  • 148) Squires Tavern work party

    148)  Squires Tavern work party - January 19, 2002
                     Walt and Dave remove windows from the back ell and former bathroom area so that painter Dave Mercier can putty and prime them, and apply a finish coat of paint to the exterior wood surfaces.  It is hoped that by the end of the winter, all windows will receive this treatment.  Also, town building inspector Mike LaRosa is providing assistance with handicapped access issues at the Squires Tavern. 

  • 147) Master Development Plan survey distributed

    147)  Master Development Plan survey distributed - January 19, 2002
                     Leslie Cosgrove distributes a survey to be completed by Squires Tavern committee members for the purpose of gathering input for the Master Development Plan for the project.

  • 146) Local tavern research

    146)  Local tavern research - January 19, 2002
                     Squires Tavern committee members visit another local residence which was formerly a tavern at Barkhamsted Center.  The building is now owned by the MDC.  Details of the interior are studied and recorded in order to help in the understanding of the Squires Tavern. 

  • 145) Paint analysis contractors

    145)  Paint analysis contractors - January 17, 2002
                     Leslie Cosgrove researches contractors who are experts in analyzing paint in historic buildings.  The information is compiled and distributed to committee members. 

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