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  • 169) Squires Tavern committee meeting

    169)  Squires Tavern committee meeting - March 30, 2002
                     Major issues discussed include finances, work in progress and in the pipeline and a review of qualifications of an architect and a historic paint analyst.  A representative from SCASCO gives a presentation on a new kind of heating system appropriate for a historic house. Plans for the Friends of the Tavern event on April 20 are discussed.   

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  • 168) Squires Tavern work party

    168)   Squires Tavern work party - March 23, 2002
                     Volunteers remove old plaster from a wall in the south first floor bedroom.  Sheetrock and tile from the upstairs bathroom is removed and the bathroom fixtures are removed.

  • 167) Squires Tavern contractor work

    167)  Squires Tavern contractor work - week ending March 23, 2002
                     Carpenter Ed Kostak and son replicate the chair rail and window trim in the ball room on the second floor.  Electrician Bob Morse completes a lot of work to the wiring system including the removal of fixtures that will not be used, the removal of some circuits and other wiring that is no longer needed, moving receptacles to more appropriate locations, correcting some problems with the panel.

  • 166) Squires Tavern work party

    166)   Squires Tavern work party - March 20, 2002
                     Volunteers remove the modern linoleum floor in the back parlor, then remove the oak flooring beneath that.  This exposes a wide pine board floor that if not original to the building, must have been a fairly early floor.  A piece of newspaper was found under the floor and later it was determined to be from October 1932.  Click on the photos below to enlarge them.

    Volunteer workers remove a modern floor in the back parlor.

    Walt pointing out details of the old pine floor.


  • 165) Squires Tavern work party

    165)   Squires Tavern work party - March 16, 2002
                     Volunteers cut brush in the back yard, construct a floor in the overhead space of the woodshed (for storage space), cleanup scrap wood and remove wallpaper samples (to preserve) from the first floor south bedroom.  Measurements were taken in several rooms so that the floor plan drawing can be updated to reflect recent changes such as the removal of some walls.

    Removing wallpapers samples for preservation- first floor front bedroom


  • 164) Squires Tavern work party

    164)   Squires Tavern work party - March 13, 2002
                     Volunteers cut brush from the grounds of the Squires Tavern.  A wall is removed next to the front parlor fireplace to re-establish that portion of the parlor's original floor plan.  Ted continues his room description (dimensions, trim etc) cataloging.  A clean-up of the woodshed is started.  Some electrical outlets are removed in the wall between the parlor and in new bathroom.   

  • 163) Squires Tavern contractor work

    163)  Squires Tavern contractor work - week ending March 9, 2002
                     Carpenter Ed Kostak and son continue to make progress on replacing exterior trim boards.  Painter Dave Mercer has finished more windows and has taken another group of windows to sand and prime inside surfaces (and repair if needed).  Electrical contractor Bob Morse has visited the Tavern to look at the wiring.  Heating system experts from SCASCO have visited and our working on a proposal for heating system upgrades.

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