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  • 191) MAJOR GRANT approved by Bond Commission!

    191)  MAJOR GRANT approved by Bond Commission! -  May 31, 2002
                     The State Bond Commission approves a $176,000 grant for the restoration project at the Squires Tavern.  This Small Town Economic Assistance grant is the result of a lot of hard work by Squires Tavern committee chairwomen Leslie Cosgrove, town first selectman Mike Fox, State Representative Richard Ferrari and State Senator Tom Herlihy. 

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  • 190) Squires Tavern work party

    190)   Squires Tavern work party - May 29, 2002
                     Volunteers work on the old upstairs bathroom conversion and also sort through tools donated to the Historical Society.

  • 189) Paint consultant

    189)   Paint consultant - May 28, 2002
                     Brian Powell, well known historic paint expert, spends a day at the Squires Tavern.  Walt and Leslie give him a tour of the building, then Brian spends several hours looking at the paint history using a variety of tools and techniques.  Later in the afternoon, Brian spends a couple of hours discussing some of the information revealed by the paint history- for example whether individual doors and windows appear to be original to a specific room, the type of paint used for the stenciling (distemper paint), the number of layers of paint in a given spot and colors of each layer.
    Historic paint expert Brian Powell visits the Squires Tavern

    Historic paint expert Brian Powell visits the Squires Tavern


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  • 188) Squires Tavern work party

    188)   Squires Tavern work party - May 25, 2002
                     Volunteers string 1,000 feet of wiring for the computer network that will eventually be installed.  This work is done primarily in the cellar and crawl space.  Dave Ravasio works on some of the last interior trim needed before the plaster work can be done. 

  • 187) Squires Tavern contractor work

    187)   Squires Tavern contractor work - week ending May 25, 2002
                     Painting starts!  Painters from Dave's Painting begin scraping and priming the exterior of the Squires Tavern on Tuesday, May 21.  In about two weeks the Tavern will look pretty spiffy.  Dave also finishes another group of windows (scraping, glazing and painting).  In addition, Dave has also documented paint analysis work he has done on both exterior and interior samples.  Mason Bill Parsons finishes the chimney work in the ell and also makes good progress on the chimney in the main part of the house.

    Painters starting on the front of the Squires Tavern (north side is primed). 

    Masonry work on the ell chimney.

  • 186) Squires Tavern work party

    186)   Squires Tavern work party - May 18, 2002
                     Dave Ravasio works in the back kitchen on trim.  Other members work on a financial plan including possible new sources of funding for the Tavern project.

  • 185) Squires Tavern work party

    185)   Squires Tavern work party - May 11, 2002
                     Volunteers work on preparations required before the plaster contractor starts work.  Pieces of sheetrock are removed where wall and ceiling meet, more trim boards (door trim and baseboards) are installed and primed with a coat of paint.

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