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  • 204) Squires Tavern contractor work

    204)   Squires Tavern contractor work - week ending June 29, 2002
                     Plumbing contractor Clayton Webb has moved the sink to the new kitchen location.  He has also removed a radiator and installed a hot water control valve and a hose connection in the basement. Electrical contractor Bob Morse has finished the thermostat wiring for 3 zones, wiring and switches for the front setting room sconces and finished wiring in the back parlor wiring and most of the front kitchen.

  • 203) Historic building expert visits Tavern

    203)  Historic building expert visits Tavern - June 27, 2002
                     Historic building expert John Curtis spends a good part of the day inspecting the Tavern building, addressing a number of issues.  John provides guidance on a section of the front sitting room where apparent evidence of a small liquor locker has been found.  He recommends that the section be restored as the liquor storage and dispensing area.  Also, while many of the walls are still exposed, John provides insight into the mysterious stair access to the second floor, which was unusual for this type of building.

    Historic building expert John Curtis and Walt Landgraf inspect what apparently was the Squires Tavern liquor locker. 

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  • 202) Squires Tavern work party

    202)   Squires Tavern work party - June 26, 2002
                     Six volunteers continue prep work required before plastering can be done.  One more small section of sheetrock is removed.  Portions of the bare plaster are primed.  The floors in several rooms are completely covered with paper to protect them from plaster work.  The plaster work is expected to start in about two weeks.

    Prep work before the plastering starts- paper on the floor and priming sections of the wall.

  • 201) Inspection

    201)   Inspection - June 25, 2002
                     Walt shows the fire marshal and building inspector around the Squires Tavern.  Main topic of conversation is the use of the fireplaces.  With some of the modifications already made and others in progress, many of the fireplaces will be usable on a limited scale.

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  • 200) Squires Tavern work party

    200)   Squires Tavern work party - June 22, 2002
                     Volunteers work hard to prepare walls and ceilings for plaster work.  Layers of paint are scraped and wallpaper is removed.  The difficult task goes fast with the turnout of seven workers.

    Scraping paint and removing wallpaper in the ballroom, second floor of the Squires Tavern

  • 199) Squires Tavern work party

    199)   Squires Tavern work party - June 19, 2002
                     Volunteers continue to scrape paint and remove wallpaper in preparation for wall and ceiling plaster work.  The paint contractor finishes painting the exterior of the building today!  The old building is dressed up well, at least on the outside.  

  • 198) Squires Tavern contractor work

    198)   Squires Tavern contractor work - week ending June 15, 2002
                     Masonry work by Bill Parsons is completed, including the last brick on the main chimney.  Dave's Painting has finished priming the exterior of the building and finished a good portion of the second coat.

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