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  • 209) Squires Tavern work party

    209)   Squires Tavern work party - July 31, 2002
                     Volunteers prepare interior trim for painting in the back parlor and apply a primer coat of paint.  Also new exterior clapboards are painted around the back door, which had been enlarged to allow handicapped access.

  • 208) Squires Tavern work party

    208)   Squires Tavern work party - July 24, 2002
                     Volunteers finish cleaning up the downstairs rooms and the ballroom upstairs, removing the paper that had been protecting the floors during the plaster work.  The floors are swept and the interior now looks great!

  • 207) Plaster work starts!

    207)   Plaster work starts! - July 17, 2002
                     Over the past several days, plaster contractor Eugene Zordan and Sons have moved in all their supplies.  They have hung the blueboard and have taped the joints.  Today they have continued prep work and have started to plaster- adding the first of two plaster coats to some of the rooms on the first floor of the Tavern.

    plaster prep work in the ballroom

    Eugene Zordan working on the first of two coats of plaster.

  • 206) Squires Tavern work party

    206)   Squires Tavern work party - July 17, 2002
                     Volunteers clean up blueboard scraps inside and wood scraps in the back yard, filling a large trailer.  Left over blueboard is moved out of the ballroom and stored in Northeast bedroom

  • 205) Squires Tavern contractor work

    205)   Squires Tavern contractor work - week ending July 13, 2002
                     Electrical contractor Bob Morse has completed the wiring necessary before the plaster work is started.  Carpenter Ed Kostak and son have finished trim work in the back parlor and have enlarged the exterior door opening to comply with handicapped access requirements.  He has started repair work on some of the back parlor floor boards that have rot from water damaged.

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