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March 2006 - Posts

  • 295) Contractor views construction site

    295)   Contractor views construction site  - March  22, 2006
                     A building contractor who has bid on the first phase of the archival storage project visits the Squire's Tavern and views the site off the east end of the Tavern wood shed.  This is where the small archival storage room will be built.  The work will start in April 2006.

  • 294) Trees removed

    294)   Trees removed - February  15, 2006
                     Today Ted Church and Kenwood Tree Service cut down two fir trees that were slated for removal near the small parking area of the Squire's Tavern.  This will allow some nice maple trees and lilac bushes to prosper in this area.

    A worker in a bucket trims branches on a tree that will be removed near the Squire's Tavern.

  • 293) Ballroom floor patch work begins

    293)  Ballroom floor patch work begins - March 15, 2006
                     Some areas of the floor in the ballroom are in need of repair and patching, including the filling of a few wide cracks between the boards.  Carpenter Ed Kostak and his crew start this work today. 

    The ballroom floor of the Squire's Tavern is patched to eliminate some large cracks.

  • 298) Volunteers clean up brush on Tavern grounds

    298)   Volunteers clean up brush on Tavern grounds  - May 10, 2006
                     Today volunteers cleaned up the last of the brush left over from a number of trees that had been cut on the grounds of the Squire's Tavern.  

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