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  • 310) Portrait of Bertha Ullmann.

    310)   Portrait of Bertha Ullmann. - March 21, 2007
                     Ted Bachman has donated to the Barkhamsted Historical Society a high quality photographic copy of a pastel portrait of Bertha Ullmann.  The original work was done by artist Joanne Bachman of Pleasant Valley.  Bertha was a member of the Ullmann family that owned and operated the farm at what is now the main area of People's Forest.  Her childhood was spent in the house that we now call Squire's Tavern.  Born in 1906, Bertha was a long time Barkhamsted resident and daughter of Oswald and Ora Ullmann.  The portrait has been placed in the front kitchen of the Squire's Tavern.  Bertha has come home.

    Ted Bachman (at right) and Historical Society President Walt Landgraf hang the portrait of Bertha Ullmann in the front kitchen of the Squire's Tavern.

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  • 309) Picture molding installed.

    309)   Picture molding installed. - March 21, 2007
                     Volunteers Dave Ravasio and Mike Ream (also assisted by Doug Roberts) install picture molding in the second floor stair landing area of the Squire's Tavern.  This section of the building will be used for a variety of historical displays, including photos and paintings that will be hung from these moldings.

    Dave (with hammer) and Mike install picture molding on the second floor of the Squire's Tavern. 

  • 308) Archaeologist examines recovered items.

    308)   Archaeologist examines recovered items. - March 14, 2007
                     Archaeologist Bob Gradie visits Squire's Tavern to examine ceramic shards, glass and other items recovered from the grounds of the Squire's Tavern.  Over the last several years there have been digs at the Tavern which have recovered hundreds of articles from nails, pipe stems and bowls, pieces of plates, dishes and cups and other discarded items.  The Barkhamsted Historical Society would like to have this material analyzed so that we may glean any historical information possible about the occupants living at the Squire's Tavern over the last two hundred years.

    Walt Landgraf and archaeologist Bob Gradie inspect items recovered from the grounds of the Squire's Tavern. 

    Photo above shows ceramic shards with a blue glaze pattern- some of the items obtained from digs in the back yard of the Tavern. 

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