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February 2009 - Posts

  • Exhibit proposed on the Barkhamsted Lighthouse community.

    On February 10, 2009, archaeologist Dr. Ken Feder and Historical Society volunteers Linne Landgraf and Paul Hart met to discuss a proposed exhibit on the Barkhamsted Lighthouse community.  The exhibit will be a temporary feature at the Squire's Tavern.  It is our hope to have the display set up in the spring or early summer.

    The Lighthouse site is an important part of Barkhamsted history not only for the popular legends, but also because the community that became established there was a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic group of Native American, African American and Caucasian settlers that lived a different life than that of most of the other residents of the town.  The Lighthouse community persisted until the mid-1800s.  All that is left now are a few small cellar holes and a tiny cemetery with simple grave markers.  The site is located in People's Forest and was recently designated by the Connecticut Historic Preservation Council as an archaeological preserve.

    Photo above- Archaeologist Dr. Ken Feder and Historical Society volunteer Linne Landgraf inspect artifacts from the Barkhamsted Lighthouse site.  Dr. Feder visited the Squire's Tavern to help plan for a new exhibit on the Lighthouse community.


  • Historical Society volunteers work at the Center schoolhouse - February 7, 2009

    Progress...even in the winter!  Historical Society volunteers take advantage of a fairly warm day in February to pick up shingles at the Barkhamsted Center schoolhouse.  The schoolhouse roof was just recently redone with new red cedar shingles by A & J Quality Roofing.  The old shingles had been removed and tossed on the ground.  A dumpster was brought to the site and the old shingles were picked up and thown in the dumpster.  In the spring we will need to return and do a final cleanup to get the last scraps of shingles hidden by the snow.  The old Center schoolhouse is in good shape now, with a new roof and a new coat of paint on the exterior.


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