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  • Projects at the Tavern

    In 2008 the Historical Society received a STEAP grant from the State of Connecticut (Small Town Economic Assistance Program).   A number of projects relating to this grant have been recently completed or are in the works.  In May, Pro-Film of Torrington applied window film at the Squire's Tavern.  This film blocks a significant percentage of ultra-violet light and has the additional advantage of reducing glare.  With many Historical Society collection items on display at the Tavern, it is very important for us to significantly reduce the damage from ultra-violate light.  Completing this work will help protect historically important items throughout the building.

    Another project completed this spring was the rebuilding of the exterior portion of the chimney in the Squire's Tavern "ell".  For over a year we could see that the mortar above the roofline on this chimney was in poor condition.  After the contractor inspected the chimney, he reported that it was in worse condition than we thought.  We had to completely replace the bricks above the roof and are thankful we
    were able to accomplish this before any structural failure.

    Another STEAP grant project completed recently was lighting improvements at the Tavern.  We had two sets of track lighting installed in the back parlor, which has greatly improved this room.  With poor natural lighting from only one window, plus the fact that we have our Lighthouse display located there, the new lighting was really needed.  In addition, we had another light added to a dark hallway area on the second floor.

    One project currently underway is the upgrading of the electrical service coming into the Squire's Tavern.  We have had problems with water entering the basement on the current electrical service wire, even to the point of causing problems in the electrical panel.  To fix this, we are going to replace the current overhead service with an underground hookup.  Volunteers dug a three foot trench for the underground service. 

    Dave Ravasio, with assistance from Mike Ream and Ted Bachman continue to make good progress on the Tavern shutters.  When the shutters go up, it will really enhance the appearance of the building.  A basement water leak in our main supply line has been repaired and an outside faucet installed which will make it much easier to water the period garden.

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