Flood of 55'

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    Flood of 55'

    What a wonderful website. I used to live in Pleasant Valley in the 1950's. We were the family that was trapped on the Pleasant Valley bridge for 14 hours during the hurricane/flood of 1954. Aside from that little adventure, of all the places that I have lived since, my fondest memories are from living in Barkhamsted. Darryl L. Enders, Athol, MA (

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    Re: Flood of 55'

    Darryl, you aren't going to leave us without some more details of that 14 hours on the bridge, are you? I was only three when the 1955 flood hit, but I still remember going down to see the Farmington River. It was really high. The bridge must have come close to washing out. What was it like on the bridge? Paul Hart, Barkhamsted, CT.

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    Re: Flood of 55'

    It was very wet, dark, and noisy on the bridge. My parents, my brother Ron (two), and myself (five) were told to evacuate our house on River Road and go to the Elementary school. We walked as far as the bridge at the bottom of the hill leading to the school when the pavement began washing away. We had no where to go except onto the metal bridge. Once we were on the bridge the pavement on both sides washed away leaving us stranded there. All we could do was hang onto the side of the bridge and wait to be rescued. During the night we could hear and feel trees and pieces of houses slam into the bridge. The bridge would shake and we were sure it would wash away also. But it withstood the rushing water and the bashing. After spending all night and part of the next day on the bridge the river eased a bit and a boat was sent to rescue us. We were taken to the school and then stayed with a family in town until our house was repaired enough to move back into. My Grandparents in New York City had heard on the news about a family stuck on a bridge in Barkhamsted but had no idea at the time it was us. I still have a slight fear of rushing water. Darryl L. Enders, Athol, MA.

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    Re: Flood of 55'

    Wednesday 4th 2002 I am back at your web site looking over familiar terriotory having spent many days cleaning the houses in Barkhamsted after the August flood in 1955. As a person who worked for the Peoples' Forest we were assigned to clean the mud out of many peoples' homes. In fact, my first beer was drank on the lawn of a house in Barkhamsted. I was 18 back then. I just read Paul Hart's note, Barkhamsted Historical Society, asking for information on the Hitchcock Chair factory. Sorry, for the long response to your inquiry. I may need more space to answer your questions so you may email me at and I would be glad to respond. Keep this site going it is great.

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    Re: Flood of 55'

    Wondering if there are historical photos of the area after (during) the flood of 1955? Most interested in the area, Pleasant Valley near the Town Hall, school. How high was the water line from this event? Anybody have info on this? Jim Oravetz - joravetz (AT) iconn (dot) net

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